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7-year warranty on quality in China Xingu GP600T with Xin promise

7-year warranty on quality in China Xingu GP600T with Xin promise

Many excellent Chinese brands have begun to attack the world market. Behind the success of these outstanding Chinese brands is nothing less than taking products as the starting point, winning product quality with superior quality, precise market positioning and excellent service experience, and gaining the favor of global consumers. And proudly branded a Chinese quality label to show the world the power of China.

As a member of the Chinese brand of enterprising innovation, Xingu, in addition to the strict implementation of industry standards, has also brought innovative technologies such as overclocking guards, one-button energy conservation, complete machine lightning protection, and QC fast charging to customers around the world. Better use experience.

In the field of technology, in 2015, Xingu became a Chinese brand and was the first manufacturer to mass-produce 80Plus titanium power. In one fell swoop, Taiwanese manufacturers have monopolized the top titanium field. The highest conversion efficiency of 96% under 220V has swept the Chinese brand power without the top production volume of titanium and gold.

In the service sector, on March 15, 2016, “International Consumer Rights Day”, Xingu also took the lead among the Chinese brands to upgrade the GP600T Titanium power supply's 3-year warranty to a 7-year warranty globally. Through one year of implementation, the GP600T titanium version conquers global players with superior quality. The 7-year warranty, which appears to be an amazing move, is actually full of preparations.

· Strict production management is the foundation

Xingu Factory has strictly implemented relevant laws and regulations since its establishment. And passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, scientific management. ISO9001 is the most comprehensive, highest-recognized, fairest, most scientific and highest-standard quality management system standard in the world. Through certification, it has laid a solid foundation for product production on the basis of hardware.

Each Xingu power supply component is never expected to go live. A total of 187 strict tests have been passed. Coverage range from material appearance, electrical properties, aging properties, safety properties and more. It is worth mentioning that in the aging test of the assembly, Xingu Power will perform a full-load aging test at a high standard for 45 minutes in an automatic load aging room. This is how quality standards are established layer by layer.

In addition to the 80Plus GP series, in addition to the above complete product manufacturing process, the factory did not hesitate to go through the Chroma production line test to ensure 100% production line off the GP power supply, in line with publicity performance indicators. Let every player fall in love with Chinese quality.

· First-line material selection is guaranteed

Three-year upgrade of 7-year warranty, Xingu did not increase retail prices, and for the first time the old users to synchronize free upgrade. In other words, Xingu is full of confidence for every GP600T quality. This is entirely derived from suppliers such as Infineon, Ruby, Black Diamond, Panasonic, and TDK, which together form a first-line luxury quality lineup.

The choice of large capacitors has always been a headache. Many well-known capacitors also have excellent electrical specifications. However, in terms of quality, Ruby and Black Diamond still occupy the top of the quality pyramid. In the end, Xin Gu decided boldly that it used two top capacitor brands as GP600T's large capacitors, and carried out quality competition, using them wisely and rejecting quality slack.

An excellent quality power source, in addition to relying on "stacking." It is also inseparable from the design of a rigorous product architecture. Excellent circuit design not only brings excellent performance indicators. The degree of difficulty in production operations and whether or not local heat build-up affects the quality of the subsequent use. The GP600T uses the industrial innovation Dulong ice cool titanium structure, the components are arranged in a uniform manner, the layout between components and components are scattered, showing the style of the factory.

·The upgraded service experience is trust

In fact, the upgrade from 3 years to 7 years warranty is a decision made by Xingu through the lab to simulate extreme aging tests and make a confident decision on quality. It may seem as if it is a blockbuster, but in fact it is considered. In addition to giving players more protection, the 7-year warranty is actually a new and proud choice for Chinese brand titanium power players.

For old users, WeChat pays attention to Segotep2003 official WeChat public number and responds to the 7-year warranty by entering the S/N barcode registration. The current sale of the GP600T titanium version, the user directly enjoys 1 year new, 7-year warranty after-sales service. Strictly enforce the service regulations of Quanguolianbao in the domestic market.

For the global market, if the domestic players, carrying GP600T power supply abroad, if you encounter problems with use. You can contact Xingu official public number or call the 400-808-3138 service hotline to obtain local general technical support. If there is no agent in the local area, you can send it back to China for service.

Editor Comments: 7-year warranty, applied to the titanium power supply. Xingu demonstrated more powerful brand power. Chinese brands have launched an impact on the global high-end market and how to persuade consumers to choose and trust. Need to maintain quality service commitments. Xin Gu, obviously, has taken the lead. It is also believed that more and more excellent Chinese brands will use Chinese quality products to conquer the world.
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