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The secret of the strong man has not yet been guessed

The secret of the strong man has not yet been guessed

There is a saying, always saying, “Big heads have great wisdom.” Does that mean that you have to fill the big stuff up with great wisdom? This is not necessarily the case.

We know that now there is a kind of cannon in the hardware industry. They are using short and powerful hardware. The most important one is the ITX motherboard.

What kind of image would it take to put the ITX mainboard carrying the high-fidelity core on top of it?

the answer is. . .

Actually not bad. Less than a quarter of the area, cooling space can be described as incredible, the assembly of small steel guns will always worry about heat, and in the big head, this trouble ~ estimated disappeared.

The space that is freed up can be decorated in any way. After all, there is plenty of room for this big man, such as stuffing an advanced water-cooling system he didn't want to think about, or putting a favorite figure into it.

One day, you will not have this kind of impulse to get an alternative installation.

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